Cloud Native Application Bundles are new, and support for storing anything other than container images in a registry is inconsistent. The community has tested a bunch of registries for compatibility with CNAB and so far here is what we have found.

Registries that are OCI compliant should work with CNAB just fine. CNAB doesn’t have additional requirements beyond that. Each registry below has been verified using a CNAB tool that uses the cnab-to-oci library.

Registry Compatible
Azure Container Registry (ACR) Yes
Artifactory Yes
Docker Hub Yes
DigitalOcean Container Registry Yes
Amazon Elastic Container Registry (ECR) Yes*
Google Artifact Registry Yes
Google Cloud Registry (GCR) No
GitHub Container Registry (GHCR) Yes
GitHub Packages No
Harbor 2 Yes
Nexus No
Quay No

If you have tried out a registry and have an update for us, please let us know!

  • Amazon Elastic Container Registry (ECR) requires that you create the repository for the invocation image and the bundle before pushing.