Looking to get started with CNAB or maybe build on top of an existing project? Here are some open-source projects and SDKs for you to use, or take a look at the CNAB community repository for additional assets that you can use in your own project.



Duffle is a command line tool that allows you to install and manage CNAB bundles.


Porter improves the bundle authoring experience by adding bundle dependencies and a declarative experience that understands how to translate CNAB into existing tools such as Helm, Azure, etc.


Just because you see one already listed for your language, don’t let that hold you back! Feel free to contribute to that SDK, or start your own.


We are currently working on extracting a Go SDK out of the Duffle codebase.



Have you written an SDK or tool that works with the CNAB spec? Submit a PR to https://github.com/deislabs/cnab.io and we will list it here!